Ariaans Risk & Actuarial Consultant offers her customers consultancy and support services of actuarial and/or riskmanagement nature. Firmly based on more than 20 years of experience and know-how on a broad spectrum of expertise: from business-support, pricing, IT, research, B&A, and from (project)managment, to reporting, development and supervision.


Ariaans Risk en Actuarial Consultant offers excellant communication skills that have proved succesfull in bridging differences between and within teams and departments.
Helped by a unique combination of multi-diciplined experience and education and a empathy with the reeiving parties needs and priorities.

“Hands on”

Ariaans Risk and Actuarial Consutant believes in a pragmatic and incremental approach to get from an existing to a target state of a project. The hands on mentality, which menas helping out wherever or whenever it is efficient to meet the assignments targets has proven to be successfull. The results are communicated timely and in the language of the receiving party.

“Flying start”

Ariaans Risk & Actuarial Consultant believes in a longlasting relationship with het customers, by working in short term projects: A flying start, timely deliverables, structured progress, intermediate reporting, extensive handover of knowledge and timely and efficient roundup.