Based upon years of experience in a large scope of activities, Ariaans Risk & Actuarial Consultant offers a wide scope of services.

Interim & project management
Ariaans Risk & Actuarial has experience in managing organisation units en projectteams. All of these small teams of highly educated specialists. An essential part of the skills is a clear communication of complex matters with management boards, the organisation and customers.
Setting priorities and meeting timelines and quality standards are naturally integrated in the daily routine.

Examples of the experience of managing project teams are:
– Solvency II project: Setting goals, planning realistation, creating teams, writing project plans.
– Implementing a new risk based pricing system, including the process of calculations, reporting, decisions making and setting up a pricing team.
– Designing and implementing an Own Risk and Solvency Assessment.
– Implementing the partial internel model Solvency Capital Requirement calculations: Design, (data) requirements, testing program, delivering calculated results in time.

Examples of managing units are:
– Setting up and managing of multidiciplinairy en country-wide operating controll teams.
– Designing, creating en managing of a team of actuarial specialists.
– Participating in board committees (Pricing Board, Risk Management Board, Asset- & Liability Management board, ORSA) within large companies.

The management style is characterised by team spirit, mutual respect, optimal usage of available knowledge and experience,  hands-on mentality, handling differences in discipline, knowledge and experience and bridging existing gaps with other departments or teams. Working towards a team to function as an example to others.
Ariaans Risk & Actuarial Consultant is experienced in representing teams and departments to the companies management and supervisors on the highest level of hierarchy, but getting team members to participate or even take over these tasks is seen as essential. The teams communication and reporting should be timely, clear, to the point and unambiguous.

Business support
Ariaans Risk & Actuarial Consultant for many years has supported teams, departments and projects whereever there a shortage of experience and knowledge arose. The style could be described by “I will take work from your hands but will enable you to take your responsibility”. Support can be in any team of actuaries and/or risk managers. The own experieince in managing teams is used for empathising with management, allways respecting the natural hierarchy positions and responsibilities of the management.
Ariaans Risk & Actuariol Consultant believes in a long term relationship by sharing knowledge and experience, not by making an organisation dependable on the support services. All support is well documented and communicated during the assignment, with a full handover in the end. The support is aimed at a quick, efficient realisiation of the target results, all set within clearly communicated realistic timelines and quality standards. Whenever needed, suggestions for changes will be made towards management, again respecting the managements responsibilities.
Independant review
Ariaans Risk & Actuarial Consultant offers solutions for independant review, based on years of experience in reviewing models, product profitability, risk and stratigy policies, financial statements, etc. And also supervising insuance companies and penson funds. This experience enables to analyse and review quickly and in depth. From years of experience in the superviory work, a realistic assessment in compliance with supervisory rules and law can be delivered.

Ariaans Risk & Actuarial Consultant is very capable of taking responsibility within the position of the second line of defence. On the one hand, an independant opinion will be retained and necessary actions will be initialised, where on the other hand every advice will be based on a realistic perspective on the companies priorities, the risk profile, the materiallity of issues and the impact of changes.

All findings will be communicated in clear wording, accurate, to the point and with empathy to the receiving parties.